Transmission, Translation, and Directionality in Cultural Exchange



Our preliminary areas of interest include the problematics of transmission, translation and flow of cultural exchange.

By transmission, we refer to the collection and deciphering of evidence of cultural exchange. In the case of movement of oral and musical traditions, we will consider the kinds of non-textual evidence we can look for, and what it might tell us. We may also consider whether certain genres, forms and mediums are more easily transportable across cultures than others.

By translation, we refer to the opportunities, challenges and complexities of translation. We will discuss the many ways in which translation opens doors to other cultures, yet also often distorts them. We will also explore the vibrant development of indigenous traditions as they incorporate external influences in innovative ways.

Finally, we will consider the flow and degree of cultural exchange, particularly as they are affected by uneven relations of power. We will examine how personal and institutional networks that facilitate inter-cultural exchange can both reinforce and counteract existing imbalances of power.


Fall 2018
August 30 General Meeting
September 13 Topics in Cultural Studies
October 4 Alternative Modernities
October 25 Nationalism
November 15 Colloquium Organization
December 6 Translation
Spring 2019
January 18 General Meeting
January 24 Colloquium Panel Organization
February 14 Workshop
March 7 Workshop
March 29-31 Colloquium
April 18 Workshop: Colonial Theatre